The Al Tarab Strait Center for Cultural Diffusion was set up in 2004 in the town of Tarifa, in the South of Spain, as a non-profit association. Al Tarab is devoted to the promotion and diffusion of African culture in Spain, Latin America and the African continent itself, by means of cultural cooperation activities, and using cinema as the main tool to achieve its goals.

It is Al Tarab’s aspiration to create awareness of the multiple realities of African and Arab countries, leaving behind the stereotypes that impoverish and minimize them to wars, diseases and misery. Al Tarab’s two main activities are the African Film Festival and the cinematographic broadcast program Cinenomada.

To facilitate the access of Spanish-speaking audiences to these films, Al Tarab subtitles all of the film material that it annually programs. As a result, a Film Archive has been created. Unique in its genre, this archive is currently composed of almost 700 titles in original version with Spanish subtitles, and it is the largest African film archive available to Spanish-speakers. Thanks to this, Al Tarab is able to “Africanize” festivals and film events, not only in Spain but also in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Filmmaking is not only an art but also an industry. For this reason, Al Tarab works alongside professionals from the African film industry, seeking synergies in Europe, Latin America and the Arab countries that can contribute to its development and sustainability. As regards this field, the main activity is Africa Produces, the African-Spanish Film Co-Production Forum. Furthermore, Al Tarab facilitates communication between professionals and film and cooperation related entities, and its extensive list of contacts and curriculums is available for consultation.

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