Cartel Africala 2009

Due to the difficulties entailed in accessing African film production, Al Tarab acts as a bridge between the African and the American continents, collaborating with different Latin American Film Festivals on their programming and providing African films from its Film Archive.

AFRICALA (Mexico City, Mexico). From 2007 to 2009, Al Tarab and the African Film Festival of Latin America have exchanged both movies and knowledge. In 2009, the director of the Mexican festival, Flavio Florencio, attended FCAT as a member of the official jury.

INTERNATIONAL FILM DAY IN BAHIA (Salvador de Bahía, Brazil). In 2007, this event welcomed a special program on Africa designed by Al Tarab as well as the director of FCAT, Mane Cisneros.

THE INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF NEW LATIN AMERICAN CINEMA (Havana, Cuba). In 2008, Al Tarab joined forces with the International Festival of New Latin American Cinema, one of the most important festivals on the continent, to create a retrospective on contemporary African cinema, which had been absent from Cuban screens since the 80s.

ANTIOQUIA CINEMA AND VIDEO FESTIVAL (Medellin, Colombia). In 2008, Al Tarab worked with the University of Medellin to create a program of some thirty African films during a special edition on Africa within the framework of the Santa Fe de Antioquia Cinema and Video Festival.



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